Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, not much going on right now. This week has consisted of some easy building to steady runs and a couple of technique swims including one lesson with Kari. There were a couple of nights after camp where I woke up with a little bit of a scratchy throat but that was expected with the large increase in training stress that I hit last week. My training stress balance is back to 0 and now perhaps on the positive side of the equation while last week we were pretty far into the negative TSB.

Moving forward tomorrow I get back on the bike and start building the bike again. I'm looking forward to starting to hit some regular training weeks again although I have quite a bit of work travel in the next few weeks. I have also been adding a bit of a run/walk strategy to my run training and am still trying to wrap my head around this idea for half IM and IM races.

Hoping for some good weather after my training week in the desert heat.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Final Day: EC Camp 2009

Day 6

Today was the final day of our training camp, the ride to Kitt Peak. The ride is a touch over 100mi with a 12mi mountain climb in the middle of the ride. The ride was friendly on the way out, okay, mostly friendly until about 7 miles in. There was an early goading of the group by Gordo who went out about 100 yds in front of the group to see if there would be any takers. NYC Anthony couldn't resist and that began the up tempo portion of the ride about 30 miles from the climb. This was all fine and dandy until I flatted about 2 minutes into the fun portion of the ride. Luckily a couple more flats, the kindness of Coach JD, Kevin, Alan, a strong pull by NYC Anthony, and a poorly timed bathroom break by the lead group had us back together in the front of the ride. As we were approaching the turn off to Kitt, the one armed bandit, took off and was able to hold off the group to the turn off and then most of the 12 mile climb.

My goal for the day was to give a max effort for the climb and although I was pretty tired from the weeks events the climb went well. Four minutes and 15 watts better than last year. I think I froze through solidly on the way down and was then thawed on the way home by some of Anthony's and JD's pulls.

All in all this was another great camp put on by the guys at Endurance Corner. About 27 or 28hrs of work was done in 6 days with most of it being done on the bike. A big thanks to JD, Gordo, Dr. J, Alan, Coach KP, Aunt Sherry and anyone else that my fried brain isn't remembering that was involved in running this great week. Looking forward to EC Tucson Camp 2010.

Photos by Sherry Daerr

Friday, April 3, 2009

EC Camp Day 5

Run, Swim, no bike.
5:22am drink coffee
5:50am hop in urban assault vehicle and drive to trailhead
6:24am begin 11 mile run. 90mins as 15min run with 30s walk breaks. I like this strategy for Iroman.
6:54am hop back in urban assault vehicle
8:00am eat breakfast
9:17am go back to room and fall asleep on my computer
10:30am leave for pool
10:55am arrive at pool
11:00am swim 2300yds including a one-armed Individual Medeley against my buddy Dr. J. Dr. J wins.
11:45 back in van and heading home.
1:00pm home and eat lunch.
1:30pm turn in laundary
2:00pm sleep until dinner and work on computer.
6:00pm dinner

Thursday, April 2, 2009

EC Camp Day 4

Once upon a time in Tucson, AZ there was a group of triathletes who woke up at 5:00am for the 5:12 pot of coffee. They did not pull the pot before 5:12am because the scary camp director, JD said he would turn them into newts.

After coffee and some of Monsy's baked goods the campers went to the trail head for a short 45min run to start the day. The sun was rising along with the temps and all was good.

After second breakfast (as most the campers are hobbits) everyone went to the pool for a lovely 5500yd swim. The swim consisted of 5x500, 4x400, 3x300, 2x200, and 100 cool down. Gordo, the assistant camp director, decided that it would be lots of fun to throw in a hard 100yd sprint during one of the 300s as well as a 200 IM for the last 200. Coach AC won the 200 with a strong and marvelous effort. The campers suffered, cramped, and some even became dizzy...and all was good.

For the final workout the campers hopped on their steeds to head out for a 50 mile ride. The 50 mile ride actually turned out to be 50 miles. The campers were shocked and awed. After a leisurely and friendly warm up NYC Anthony decided to attack. Gordo went with him and I was left with Dan "Abe Lincoln" Dungan, JD, and a few others. An organized paceline was formed, hard work was done by all but the catch was not made until the first rest station at the Urban Assault Vehicle. After a hasty stop at the UAV, Gordo, NYC, and Abe took off and I was left alone. I worked hard to bridge the gap and soon after found myself pulling the group for awhile.

Yada, yada, yada, bike, bike, bike, pedal, pedal, pedal, check my watts, good, bring out your dead, I'm not dead yet, eat and drink we came to the incline leading up to Gates Pass. First JD put in a good surge and opened a gap. NYC didn't go. Then Gordo closed the gap and I went with Gordo. Abe and NYC were left behind, JD fell back after a bit to help out Abe and NYC (JD is a GOOD guy) and Gordo and I climbed to the top of Gates Pass. All was good. We took it home from there, made EAS Whey protein shakes and lived happily ever after...until tomorrow.

For those of you playing along at home, we have put in a touch over 20hrs of training these first 4 days of camp with 13,500yds of swimming, about 250mi of biking, and a civilized 12 miles of running.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

EC Camp Day 3

The day began with an early first breakfast and a 6am swim. The swim was a solid 3600yds with some strength work and other fun sets. KP who lead our lane with a bit extra weight added has now been dubbed Coach Rock. After the swim we met for second breakfast.

The ride for the day was advertised as a somewhat peppy 40mi. This was what we got with a good tempo set up Gates Pass and then some pace work. Coach Justin (pictured here) divided us into two groups and the first group was sent off with a 1 min head start. The goal was for the second group to catch the first by keeping a smart paceline rolling. Solid work was done by all. We brought home the ride in a bit over 2hrs and 45 miles. Still need to get a run done and then the highlight of my day is a couples massage with Tony D. from NYC. I knew I'd be spending a lot of time training with him but the massage has taken it to a new level.

EC Camp Day 2

Day two started with the 20 mile climb up Mt. Lemmon. We rolled out easy to the base of the climb and regrouped. I started in the back so that I was not tempted to go out too hard and cover the attacks that soon would be occuring at the base of the climb. At around the one mile marker I saw Gordo who was already pretty far up the road put in an attack with only a few takers. Me, I just kept plugging along at my desired pace with the goal of picking up the power at the half way point. Otherwise, I was joined by Dave once again on this climb and really enjoyed the company. At about mile 17 I decided to give er and ended up a bit under 2hrs for the 20mi climb.

We then regrouped at Udall park and some did short transition runs before lunch. After lunch we shot over to the pool where we were warmly greeted by the locals. I think the phrase was a bunch of locusts have decsended on our pool. We did a short loosen up swim of about 1500yds with all kinds of fun little sets to cap off the day.

Later that evening Alan gave a great talk on muscle fiber types, peripheral adaptations key to long course triathlon and how to best train to cause those adaptations. All in all a great day.